Commendation of Chancellor Charles B. Reed
for His Work on the 99-00 CSU Support Budget

AS-2474-99/EX - September 9-10, 1999

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University commend Chancellor Charles B. Reed for his efforts in obtaining an improved 1999-2000 budget for the CSU and for honoring his commitment to provide a total 6 percent increase in the compensation package for faculty for 1999-2000; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU urge the Chancellor to continue his commitment to closing the CPEC gap, set a specific timetable to close the gap, and build that timetable into CSU support budgets.

RATIONALE: In the 1999-2000 Support Budget of the CSU, Chancellor Reed requested an augmentation of $264.8 million. That request included a 6 percent increase for total faculty compensation. The initial augmentation in the Governor’s budget plan provided only $129.2 million and earmarked its uses in such a manner that funds remaining for compensation would have been only 2.45 percent. The governor’s budget plan also made extremely deep cuts in technology funds.

Throughout the spring the Chancellor, joined by the Senate, CFA, and other constituencies, made compensation and technology key issues in discussions with the legislature and the governor. In the final budget bill, all of the key fund requirements were restored with the exception of a 0.2 percent shortfall in the compensation package. The Chancellor has stated that the $3.6 million necessary to implement the entire compensation pool will be provided through carry-forward funds.

The Senate has called attention to the continuing gap between CSU and comparable CPEC universities. In resolution AS-2449-99/FGA, May 6-7, 1999, the Senate endorsed the following budgetary priorities for the development of the CSU Trustees’ Proposed Budget for 2000-2001:

  1. That the compensation component of the budget be sufficient to close the CPEC faculty gap, so that we may continue to attract and retain the highest caliber faculty.
  2. That there be a stable funding plan to meet CSU’s needs to ensure educational quality and to maintain closure of the CPEC faculty gap.
  3. That sufficient funding be provided to support instruction for all anticipated student enrollment. These funds should equal the full projected cost for high quality education in the CSU.
  4. That full funding be provided to support the additional Teacher Education and Year-Round efforts being undertaken by various campuses.
  5. That funding be provided to complete Phase 3 of the technology infrastructure buildout.

APPROVED WITHOUT DISSENT – September 9-10, 1999

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