Extension of the Current Waiver for the CSU College Preparation:
Requirement for the Visual and Performing Arts

AS-2487-00/AA - March 9-10, 2000


RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University support the recommendation of the Academic Advisory Council that the Chancellor authorize an extension of the current waiver of the CSU college preparatory requirement by which students who lack the CSU visual and performing arts requirement, but are fully qualified for entry as freshmen to the University of California, would be admitted to the California State University. (The waiver would extend for students admitted to the summer 2003 term).

RATIONALE: The California State University and the University of California agreed to a common high school preparatory course pattern for the two segments. The new pattern adds for the CSU a second year of a Social Science and a second year of a Laboratory Science and for the University of California a year of the Visual and Performing Arts. The new common pattern will be required for students admitted for the fall of 2003.

In order to accommodate students now in high school, the present resolution extends the waiver AS-2331-96/AA, adopted by the Senate on May 9-10, 1996, until the beginning of the academic year 2003-2004 for UC-eligible students seeking CSU admissions, who have not completed the Visual and Performing Arts requirement. These students must complete an extra college preparatory course for CSU eligibility.


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