Faculty Recruitment and Retention

AS-2497-00/FA - May 4-5, 2000

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University urge the Chancellor, the Board of Trustees, and the California Faculty Association to join the Academic Senate CSU in addressing the critical need to replace CSU faculty members approaching retirement with new tenure-track hires, taking aggressive measures to make the CSU competitive in recruiting new faculty and retaining existing faculty; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the aggressive measures considered and adopted to the extent possible include, but not be limited to:

  1. A substantial faculty salary increase that makes CSU faculty salaries competitive with comparable institutions; specifically, the average CSU faculty salary should be greater than the average CPEC faculty salary.

  2. A reduction in faculty workload to make CSU equivalent to our comparable institutions, five or six 3-unit courses per academic year rather than eight or nine.

  3. Fiscal measures to increase flexibility in hiring replacement tenure-track faculty:

    1. Funding to carry out recruitments as soon as vacancies can be reasonably anticipated, e.g., when tenured faculty enter FERP or pre-retirement reduction in time base.

    2. Renewal of the FERP program to provide early warning of vacancies and to enable mentoring of newly hired faculty by retiring members.

    3. Funding to allow hiring above the normal entry salary level when deemed necessary.

    4. Funding to allow selection committees discretion in hiring the exceptionally strong candidates to fill needs anticipated beyond the immediate vacancies.

    5. Carry-forward of funding for recruitment to a following year effort in those cases where the current selection is inadequate or current offers are refused.
  4. Creation of a program to assist faculty in procuring housing.

  5. Funding to provide sabbatical leaves to all faculty who are eligible and recommended by peer committees.

RESOLVED: That each campus senate take a lead role in establishing a task force of administrators, senate, and union leadership to develop a faculty recruitment and retention plan which incorporates 1-4 above.

RATIONALE: That there is a crisis in faculty recruitment and retention is obvious to all involved. At the same time that the CSU is preparing to handle another "Tidal wave" of students, large numbers of faculty members are reaching retirement age, especially on the campuses which had huge growth in the 1960s and 1970s.

As the Academic Senate of the system, we have the responsibility to make rational plans for the future of the University, in light of its past. Students come and go, as do administrators, and with term limits there is little institutional memory left in the Legislature. The Faculty is the long-term stakeholder group in the University, and it is clearly within the scope of our responsibility and authority to make substantial recommendations to ensure the survival of excellence in the CSU.

The specific proposals outlined have implications in the area of collective bargaining, and our recommendations are addressed to both sides, which will have to work out the details in negotiations, in which the Senate is not a participant. Our hope, however, is that these potential solutions to mutual problems will inform the conversations on both sides leading to their contract proposals, and that at least in this critical area the traditionally adversarial relationships can be put aside in pursuit of mutual goals.

APPROVED — May 4-5, 2000

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