Commendation for CSU Trustee Stanley T. Wang

AS-2518-01/AA - January 18-19, 2001

WHEREAS, California State University Trustee Stanley T. Wang has recently given the CSU $1.2 million to fund a ten-year program that will provide 200 scholarships for CSU students and 40 stipends for CSU faculty members for the purpose of study, teaching, and research in China, specifically,

  • Each year during the program, the Wang Family Scholarship will provide ten, $4,000, one-semester student scholarships to be used for travel and study at the National Taiwan University or the National Tsinghua University and ten similar scholarships for use at universities in the People's Republic of China, and

  • Each year during the program, the fund will provide an annual $10,000 faculty stipend for research and teaching at National Taiwan University and another one for use at the National Tsinghua University and two similar stipends for use at universities in the People's Republic of China; and

WHEREAS, Two years ago, Trustee Stanley T. Wang gave the CSU system $1 million to create a ten-year program to recognize CSU faculty members and administrators who, through extraordinary commitment and dedication, have distinguished themselves by exemplary contributions and achievements in their academic disciplines and areas of assignment, specifically, to provide each year awards of $20,000 each to four CSU faculty members and one administrator; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University express its high regard for Trustee Stanley T. Wang and his family and its warmest appreciation for

  • their generosity toward the students, faculty members, and administrators of the California State University,

  • their dedication to fostering international educational and scholarly experiences for CSU students and faculty members, and

  • their commitment to recognizing exemplary contributions and achievements by CSU faculty members and administrators.

APPROVED BY ACCLAMATION - January 18-19, 2001

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