CSU Budget Priorities for 2002-2003

AS-2536-01/FGA - May 10-11, 2001

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University endorse the following budget priorities for the development of the CSU Trustees' proposed budget for the 2002-2003 academic year (in descending order of priority):

  1. That the compensation component of the budget be sufficient to provide the increased compensation levels necessary to attract and retain the highest caliber faculty.

  2. Likewise, that the budget include funding sufficient to ensure teaching assignments competitive with other comprehensive universities.

  3. That funding be provided to establish efficacious programs of housing assistance for faculty members, especially those whose campuses are located in areas where housing costs are particularly high.

  4. That the state support per additional full-time equivalent student (FTES) be adjusted upward: (a) to fund the hiring of an appropriate complement of full-time, tenure-track faculty; and (b) to include a greater portion of campus fixed costs in order to more fairly recognize the increased capital and maintenance needs that accrue when large numbers of students are added to campuses' enrollments.

  5. That the formula for determining a full-time graduate student be changed from enrollment in 15 credit units per semester to 12 credit units.

  6. That the normal level of CSU academic year funding be provided year-round to campuses that convert to state-supported, year-round operation in order: (a) that instruction may be undertaken with an appropriate complement of full-time, tenure-track faculty; and (b) that faculty members receive full compensation and pension benefits for their work during all state-supported academic sessions.

RATIONALE: CSU has made progress in raising faculty and staff salaries to levels closer to those of comparison campuses; however, salary levels remain insufficient to recruit and retain faculty of the highest caliber in many disciplines. Two of the great deterrents to hiring faculty are CSU's high teaching assignment requirements and California's high cost of housing. It is important for the state to provide new funding to create programs of housing assistance to CSU faculty members. Each year CSU is adding approximately 10,000 new full-time equivalent students (FTES) funded at a marginal level that does not fully account for the costs of adding large numbers of students to the campuses. Graduate programs have been funded at the same level as undergraduate programs. Changing the definition of a FTES at the graduate level to 12 credit units of instruction per term would yield greater state funding for post-baccalaureate instruction consistent with the higher average cost of post-baccalaureate instruction. Likewise, year-round operation at campuses requires sufficient funding to ensure that the quality of instruction is not diminished in any academic term. Fairness dictates that faculty members be paid for all state-supported academic sessions at a level commensurate with the regular academic-year compensation including the accrual of pension benefits.


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