Alignment of Faculty Roles and Rewards

AS-2538-01/FA - May 10-11, 2001


RESOLVED: That, in order to reflect new and increased roles and responsibilities of the professoriate, the Academic Senate of the California State University recommend that the campus academic senates review and amend where appropriate the criteria for faculty reward systems [e.g., retention, tenure, and promotion (RTP)]; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU recommend that each campus academic senate review and where appropriate amend RTP policies to ensure that all tenure-track faculty, particularly those newly hired, be advised of any changes made in personnel policies; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU recommend that each campus academic senate encourage the departments/programs of their campuses to create mentoring programs for new tenure-track faculty to support the retention, tenure, and promotion of such faculty.

RATIONALE: In the past decade there have been many changes in the demands required of all faculty, particularly those newly hired. Among these new demands are those that come from the increasing role that technology plays in delivering the curriculum, the proliferation of service learning in the curriculum, and faculty involvement in various aspects of campus assessment. It is only reasonable and right, especially in these days of "merit" pay, that all faculty know their department's, college's and university's view of such action in personnel decisions. Many campuses have not reviewed or amended their personnel policies for many years, and we are requesting that such action be done.

Further, with an increasing number of faculty retiring and many new being hired, we ask that departments and campuses take proactive measures, such as mentoring of the new faculty and making explicit RTP criteria, so as to retain as many productive new faculty as possible.

APPROVED - May 10-11, 2001

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