Resolution in Honor of Senator Patricia Roze

AS-2544-03/Long Beach - May 10-11, 2001

WHEREAS, Patricia Roze has served as the duly elected representative of California State University, Long Beach for two terms; and

WHEREAS, Patricia Roze was overwhelmingly re-elected to the Academic Senate of the California State University (partly because people were afraid to run against her); and

WHEREAS, Patricia Roze has become increasingly involved in administering CSULB's very successful service learning program; and

WHEREAS, Patricia Roze has an irrational and inexplicable need to sleep and must thus give up some of her very worthwhile activities; and

WHEREAS, Patricia Roze has regretfully resigned from the Academic Senate CSU; and

WHEREAS, Patricia Rozee has helped to educate and inform the Senate on important issues affecting service learning; and

WHEREAS, Patricia Rozee has been a valued contributor to the Academic Affairs Committee for the past three years; and

WHEREAS, Patricia Roze's extreme candor has been either refreshing or distressing depending upon the sensitivity and sensibility of the recipients of her remarks; and

WHEREAS, Patricia Roze has never failed to express her opinions with the utmost honesty and integrity; and

WHEREAS, Openness and directness are precious commodities in elected bodies like the Senate; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That Patricia Roze will be sorely missed by everyone who values honesty, integrity, candor and directness; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU express its thanks to Patricia Roze for her years of distinguished service.


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