Opposition to a Decrease in CSU Funding Tied to an Increase in Student-Faculty Ratio

AS-2595-03/FA - January 23-24, 2003

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (CSU) urge the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees, in negotiating the budget for the 2003-4 fiscal year, to oppose any decrease in the CSU budget tied to an increase in the student-faculty ratio (SFR), and be it further

RESOLVED: That given the urgency and potential impact of such a decrease, the Academic Senate CSU urge campus senates to discuss and report through the chair to the Academic Senate CSU any recommendations or advice that emerge.

RATIONALE: A recent Academic Senate document, The California State University at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Meeting the Needs of the People of California (Sept. 7, 2001), argued convincingly that the current CSU system has long been under-funded based upon an excessive SFR. Further, that report found the current SFR is endangering academic quality and therefore should be reduced. Furthermore, the ACR 73 Task Force recommended a reduction in the SFR in order to accomplish the goals of ACR 73 as enunciated by the California Legislature. An increase in the budgeted ratio may result in irreparable harm to the educational quality within the system. Structural changes to manage short-term financial difficulties should not be instituted.

APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY - January 23-24, 2003

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