Commendation for Deborah Hennessy

AS-2613-03/EX - May 8-9, 2003

WHEREAS, Deborah Hennessy (A.K.A. Debbie, Deb) has served the Academic Senate CSU for 22 years as its Executive Director; and

WHEREAS, Debbie has, during those 22 years, always exhibited great competence, exemplary commitment, extraordinary patience, and refreshing good humor; and

WHEREAS, Debbie has provided expert guidance and support, delivered with warmth and a smile, to sometimes demanding, sometimes even cantankerous Senators; and

WHEREAS, Debbie has supported the needs and individual demands, preferences, and styles of hundreds of Senators through 66 plenary session, countless phone requests, scores of interim meetings and special meetings, and other varied pleas for help; and

WHEREAS, Debbie has nurtured, counseled, and supported nine Senate chairs of greatly varying personalities: Bob Kully, John Bedell, Bernie Goldstein, Ray Geigle, Sandy Wilcox, Harold Goldwhite, Jim Highsmith, Gene Dinielli and Jackie Kegley; and

WHEREAS, Debbie has always gone far above and beyond the call of duty, as evidenced among other things, by the distressingly large number of her e-mail messages posted late at night or on week-ends; and

WHEREAS, Debbie has been a friend and confidante to us all; and

WHEREAS, Debbie now has decided, against all evidence to the contrary, that there may be less stressful opportunities in life apart from the Senate; and

WHEREAS, We regret, but certainly understand and support, Debbie's desire to embark on new adventures; now therefore be it

RESOLVED: That we wish her good health, much laughter, and many restful days of enjoying life, friends, and family, especially Tom and all the children and grandchildren.


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