Integrated Teacher Preparation Program Framework for Articulation: Principles for Implementation

AS-2626-03/AA - November 13-14, 2003

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (CSU) recommend to the Chancellor the following principles for the implementation of the Integrated Teacher Preparation framework for articulation:

  1. If required, program and curricular changes to accommodate Integrated Teacher Programs must be achieved subject to the normal approval processes of the individual campuses

  2. Appropriate funding must be provided by the system for faculty travel to the necessary meetings to achieve the required systemwide, regional, and local agreements as mandated in Title 5 and defined in the framework.

  3. RATIONALE: The implementation of Integrated Teacher Preparation programs, as recommended in AS-2611-03/AA/TEKR and AS-2622-03/AA/TEKR and mandated in recent changes to Title 5, requires substantial, collaborative work among the California State Universities and the California Community Colleges. The collaboration will be on systemwide, regional, and local levels.

    In spite of recent recommendations against continuing legislative intrusion (AS-2601-03/AA), the Senate recommendations to change Title 5 and the subsequent work of the Integrated Teacher Preparation Task Force were spurred by SB 81 (Alpert). It is important to ensure that such legislative mandates do not result in initiatives that bypass longstanding mechanisms of shared governance, especially those traditionally observed at the individual campuses.

    Fulfilling the mandates of SB 81 and the Board of Trustees' changes to Title 5 will require substantial time and travel by a substantial number of faculty over a number of years. The CSU must provide adequate travel support.

    APPROVED - November 13-14, 2003

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