Commendation for Senator John Vasconcellos

AS-2659-04/FGA - March 6-7, 2004

WHEREAS, The Honorable John Vasconcellos has served the people of California for almost 40 years as a member of the State Legislature, serving in the Assembly from 1966-1996, and as a member of the State Senate since 1996; and

WHEREAS, Senator Vasconcellos has faithfully represented the needs and interests of faculty and students in the California State University as a member of the California Legislature; and

WHEREAS, Over several decades, Senator Vasconcellos provided invaluable leadership to higher education as Chair of the Joint Committee of the Master Plan for Education, expertly guiding that review and focusing the Legislature's attention and commitment to building the strongest system of higher education in the world; and

WHEREAS, That even in the new millennium Senator Vasconcellos continues to strongly challenge those who would deny resources and threaten the state's commitment to the Master Plan and to the young people in whose hands the future of California will rest; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University again declare its respect and appreciation for all Senator Vasconcellos has done for higher education in the State of California and hope that others will build on his legacy supporting education for the citizens of California.


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