Commendation of Louise Timmer

AS-2707-05/Sacramento - May 5-6, 2005

WHEREAS, For nine years Louise Timmer has served as a member of the Statewide Academic Senate faithfully representing the academic interests of the faculty and students of the California State University, Sacramento; and

WHEREAS, Louise Timmer, during this period, has been a steadfast and responsible senator, accepting assignments on a total of fifteen committees and task forces; and

WHEREAS, No matter what the nature of the service, Louise Timmer would, without fail, promptly and thoroughly report on the work undertaken-making her one of those whom we could always count on to submit their reports on time; and

WHEREAS, Louise Timmer's deeply-held commitment to the importance of nursing as a profession, and to the training of nurses in California and the CSU in particular, has been at the heart of her career both as an academic senator and an educator; and

WHEREAS, Louise Timmer has long been an advocate of financial support for students, as evidenced by her lengthy service on the Forgivable Doctoral Loan Selection Committee and the Governor's Teaching Fellowship Review Committee; and

WHEREAS, Louise Timmer has brought a touch of sophistication to the Sacramento delegation with her faux alligator-skin luggage, her knowledge of where to find the best hotel breakfasts (the Renaissance!), her color-coordinated shoes, and her general sense of style; and

WHEREAS, Louise never hesitated to assume the noblest obligations of an academic senator from northern California, specifically: joining the 7:00AM Friday Breakfast Club and sharing late afternoon beverages (both coffee or things stronger) at LAX; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University recognize that Louise Timmer has been a great and gracious colleague whose dedication, energy, and personal warmth will be missed by all of us; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the CSU heartily commend and thank Louise Timmer for all of the above contributions and many more besides, and wish her well in all her future plans.


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