Support for AB 2813 (Student Financial Aid)

AS-2752-06/FGA - May 4-5, 2006

ATTACHMENT TO AS-2752-06/FGA (.pdf)

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (CSU) strongly support passage of AB 2813 (Student Financial Aid), which expands the Cal Grant program in ways that serve to further student access to the CSU.

RATIONALE: AB 2813 (De La Torre) expands the current Cal Grant program in ways that will increase access to the CSU for students that might otherwise find it difficult or impossible to afford. Specifically, the bill would raise the age limit from 24 to 27 years in the California Community College Transfer Entitlement Program (CCCTEP) for students in any of the following categories:
  1. An orphan or ward of the court
  2. A veteran of the US Armed Forces
  3. A married person
  4. A person with dependents other than a spouse
  5. A person for whom a financial aid administrator makes a documented determination of independence

This provision will benefit students of the CSU, many of whom are older (and thus ineligible under the current lower age limit of 24 years) and/or married and with children or other dependents.

In addition, AB2813 will eliminate the restriction in the Cal Grant B (CGB) program that, in the first year of enrollment, denies tuition benefits and provides only a stipend for "access costs" (i.e., costs for books, supplies, living expenses and transportation to 98% of recipients). Under AB 2813, first year benefits also will be allowed to count toward tuition costs.

Approved Unanimously - May 4-5, 2006

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