In Honor of Jo Service

AS-2757-06 - May 4-5, 2006

WHEREAS, Dr. Jolayne Service earned a bachelor's degree in Mathematics, magna cum laude, from Pomona College, a master's degree in Statistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a doctoral degree in Education from North Carolina State University; and

WHEREAS, Jo Service joined the California State University (CSU) Chancellor's Office in 1981 as an associate in Academic and Institutional Studies, and quickly rose to become Dean of Academic Program Planning for the CSU system; and

WHEREAS, Jo Service's responsibilities include coordinating and facilitating the review and approval of new academic degree programs, helping to develop and implement policy on general education, addressing graduate education issues, and ensuring that facilities planning is linked to academic program planning; and

WHEREAS, Jo Service has worked diligently to ensure that students transferring to the CSU receive full credit for General Education (GE) coursework; and

WHEREAS, Jo Service knows more about CSU academic degree programs, CSU general education policy and programs, and CSU academic program planning than any other single person - indeed, more than any combination of persons known or unknown; and

WHEREAS, Jo Service's knowledge about curriculum is only surpassed by her knowledge of Long Beach cuisine; and

WHEREAS, For a generation of CSU faculty and administration, Jo Service has been the most frequently consulted source of information - and wisdom -- about degree programs and degree program policies, general education policy and programs, and academic program planning; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Service has always respected the faculty's role in curriculum and has always been supportive of faculty members; and

WHEREAS, Jo Service has served as the WASC accreditation liaison officer for the CSU system, and on the UC-CSU Joint Graduate Board, the Board of Directors of the California Biomedical Research Association, the Board of Directors of MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement), and the Oversight Committee of the Los Angeles Unified School District-Local 99 Paraeducator Career Ladder; and

WHEREAS, Jo Service represents the best of the CSU; and

WHEREAS, Jo Service has decided to retire; and

WHEREAS, The Academic Senate CSU will miss Dr. Service both professionally and personally; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU thank Jo Service for her many services to the CSU faculty and wish her well in her retirement.

Approved by Acclamation - May 5-6, 2006

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