Fulfilling the Principles of Cornerstones
in the New Strategic Plan

AS-2771-06/AA/FGA - November 9, 2006

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (CSU) urge the CSU, the Access to Excellence Steering Committee and the Access to Excellence Campus Review Groups to give highest priority to the following Principles of the original Cornerstones academic strategic plan which have not yet been implemented or achieved, so that adequate support for faculty, graduate programs, and infrastructure will be addressed:

Principle 4 - The California State University will reinvest in its faculty to maintain its primary mission as a teaching-centered comprehensive university. Faculty scholarship, research, and creative activity are essential components of that mission.

Principle 6 - Graduate education and continuing education are essential components of the mission of the California State University.

Principle 8 - The responsibility for enhancing educational excellence, access, diversity, and financial stability shall be shared by the State, the California State University system, the campuses, our faculty and staff, alumni/ae and students.

;and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU send copies of this resolution to the Board of Trustees, Chancellor, campus presidents and provosts, campus senate chairs and Access to Excellence Steering Committee members.

RATIONALE: The original Cornerstones has been championed by the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor's Office as a far-sighted plan for the CSU for the twenty-first century. While many of the Principles of Cornerstones have been or are being implemented, several have not. In the Chancellor's Office's "Evaluation of Achievements under Cornerstones," Principles 4, 6 and 8 were singled out as not yet having been "well addressed." These three provide for adequate support, including infrastructure, for the performance of faculty duties, for funding graduate programs, and in particular the independent EdD programs, at a sufficient level, and reducing the "salary gaps for all categories of employees for whom such gaps exists." The Academic Senate CSU strongly believes that these Principles should be given highest priority to the successor strategic plan on Access to Excellence.

Approved Unanimously - November 9, 2006

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