Advocating for Additional Funding for
CSU Budget Challenges and Unmet Needs

AS-2772-06/FGA/FA - November 9, 2006

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) strongly affirm its concern for the "2007-2008 Budget Challenges: Additional Unmet Needs" for the California State University (CSU) which appear in the proposed CSU Budget; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU strongly urge the Chancellor, and the Board of Trustees, to continue to advocate aggressively with the Department of Finance, the Legislature and the Governor's Office for additional funding to cover these unmet needs; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU pledges to work closely with the Chancellor and the CSU family in this advocacy effort.

RATIONALE: In September 2001, the ASCSU developed, adopted and distributed a report entitled: "The California State University at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Meeting the Needs of the People of California." The report describes the serious detrimental impact of funding cuts in the 1990's on the teaching mission, library collections and library staffing, the physical and technological infrastructure, the clerical-secretarial staff, and the faculty. It describes a crisis in faculty hiring and in physical infrastructure.

In seeking to address the serious deficits and needs in the CSU, the report makes the following recommendations.

  • Reduce the current student-faculty ratios.
  • Remedy infrastructure insufficiencies and bring state-of-the art technology to more CSU classrooms.
  • Augment CSU library collections and restore library staffing.
  • Establish incentives to attract new faculty members of the highest quality, including improved benefits, housing subsidies, and moving expenses.
  • Hire additional tenure-track faculty and reduce the current proportion of lecturers by hiring tenure-track faculty.
  • Increase the number of secretarial/clerical staff and technical staff who provide services to students and faculty.
  • In recognition that research, scholarship, and creative activity are required for effective teaching, increase support for all CSU faculty to engage in these activities.
  • Adjust CSU faculty salaries to achieve parity with comparison institutions to remain competitive with other academic institutions.
  • Improve the current CSU physical plant to provide adequate facilities for existing programs and for growth.
The CSU Academic Senate developed and distributed other reports addressing some of these same crucial and unmet needs. These are:

Response to ACR 73 (Strom-Martin): A Plan to Increase the Percentage of Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty in the CSU - July 2002 (.pdf)

Report of the Faculty Flow Committee - March 2003 (.pdf)

CSU Faculty Flow Survey Report - January 2003 (.pdf)

Findings and Recommendations of the Advisory Committee for the CSU and Comparable Faculty Workload Studies - January 2003 (.pdf)

Faculty Compensation and the Crisis in Recruiting and Retaining Faculty of High Quality - May 5, 2005 (.pdf)

Since the distribution of the 21st Century report, the CSU has again experienced serious reductions in funding because of the fiscal crisis of the state. These funding reductions caused further serious detrimental impacts on the CSU.

As CSU moves forward to undertake a strategic plan addressing Access and Excellence, it is even more urgent to highlight to the state and others the continuing budget challenges and unmet needs of the CSU. To not address these now and forcefully is to set high barriers to the ability of the CSU to move forward to serve the pressing needs of the citizens of California for access to a high quality education that has become a necessity for the health of California's economy.

Approved Unanimously- November 9, 2006

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