Call for Consultation on Professional Fee for Graduate
Business Degrees



RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate California State University (ASCSU) call on the CSU administration in consultation with the ASCSU executive committee to initiate a process of thorough and broad consultation with faculty and students across disciplines in the CSU regarding the proposal to initiate a professional fee for students in graduate business programs; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the CSU administration circulates the complete report of the task force on this proposal to the ASCSU, campus senates, and CSSA representatives; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU call on the CSU Board of Trustees to postpone taking action on this proposal until such consultation has been completed.

RATIONALE: The proposal to initiate a professional fee for graduate business programs will be presented as an information item to the Board of Trustees at its September meeting. This proposal has potentially serious implications for the entire CSU and its mission. However, the report of the task force that recommended the fee has not yet been circulated broadly and there has not yet been an opportunity for faculty and students to consider the proposal. It is CSU policy that any new or increased campus-based fee can be enacted only after wide student consultation. Such consultation and consultation with the ASCSU and campus senates should precede any final decision on this proposal.

Approved September 7, 2007

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