Commendation for Dr. Michael Gorman

AS-2857-08/SJSU Del.

WHEREAS, Michael Gorman, an Associate Professor of Social Work at San Jose State University (SJSU), has evidenced a strong commitment to faculty rights and the importance of an internationalized curriculum; and

WHEREAS, Michael Gorman’s research covers aspects of drug use, AIDS, and behavioral change, and, more generally, acting as an advocate of research-bound interventions in lieu of hoping for “magic bullets” or strongly politically-oriented interventions conceived of in the absence of the context of the actions; and

WHEREAS, His research has yielded awards from the National Institute of Health, recognition as a Fulbright Scholar, and the SJSU College of Applied Sciences and Arts Scholar of the year for 2005-2006; and

WHEREAS, He has effectively integrated his research with his teaching in the graduate social work program of the College of Applied Arts and Sciences at SJSU; and

WHEREAS, Michael Gorman has argued strongly for the importance of Americans to understand what is happening in the Arab world, the Middle East, the Near East, and North Africa; and

WHEREAS, Michael Gorman has been a member of CFA since 1999, was vice chair of the local CFA chapter from 2005 through 2008, was a member of the SJSU Academic Senate since 2006, and has been a member of the Academic Senate California State University (CSU) since 2006; and

WHEREAS, Michael Gorman has strongly supported the belief that the Academic Senate CSU needs members who are independent and critical thinkers, who are willing to ask hard questions, and to stand up for what they believe in; and

WHEREAS, Michael Gorman has consistently been willing to contribute to the development of the Access to Excellence Initiative and champion his causes as included (or not included) in the various drafts of the strategic plan; and

WHEREAS, His service to the CSU includes participation on the Commission on Extended Education and the Student Health Services Advisory Committee at the statewide level and a particular focus on the role of the research enterprise within academia, including work to streamline the Institutional Review Board at SJSU; and therefore, be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU thank Michael Gorman for his service to the Academic Senate CSU and wish him well for the future, and particularly for the success of the application of his beliefs in both the internationalization of education and the integration of teaching and research as will be implemented during his leadership of a graduate study abroad group heading to Argentina this summer.

Approved by Acclamation May 8-9, 2008

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