Commendation for Captain Tuuli Messer-Bookman, J.D.

AS-2860-08/Maritime Del.

WHEREAS, Tuuli Messer-Bookman has served the best interests of both the Academic Senate of the California State University (CSU) and the California State University Maritime Academy with passion, intellect, dedication, and commitment during her tenure on the Senate; and

WHEREAS, Tuuli Messer-Bookman has served with passion, intellect, and initiative (not to mention dedication and commitment) on the Faculty Affairs Committee of the Academic Senate CSU; and

WHEREAS, Tuuli Messer-Bookman represented the Senate with both enthusiasm and acumen on the System's Advisory Committee on Pre-Doctoral Programs; and

WHEREAS, Tuuli Messer-Bookman has served with dedication and commitment (as well as passion, intellect, and initiative) on the Academic Senate CSU-CFA Joint Taskforce on Student Evaluations; and

WHEREAS, Tuuli Messer Bookman has consistently extolled both the character and erudition of the "Sofa Kings" in her life; and

WHEREAS, Both responsibilities at sea and extensive service within the leadership ranks of the greater CSU academic community left her feeling like she could not give all that needed to be given to support, adequately, the efforts of both the Academic Senate CSU and the California Maritime Academy; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU, generally, and her colleagues on the Senate's Faculty Affairs Committee, particularly, thank Tuuli for  her passion, dedication, and commitment in service to the Senate and wish her, in perpetuity, fair winds and following seas..

Approved by Acclamation May 8-9, 2008

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