Resolution in Honor of Senator Margaret Costa

AS-3034-11/Long Beach delegation

WHEREAS, Margaret Costa has served the faculty, the Academic Senate and the CSU with collegial thoughtfulness and attendance at hours of meetings in the past three years; and

WHEREAS, Margaret has represented her campus, California State University, Long Beach, exceptionally well; and

WHEREAS, Margaret has brought to the Academic Senate a well-developed understanding of the need for detailed review of hundreds, if not thousands, of CSU documents, Executive Orders, doctrines, briefs, initiatives, position papers, etc.; and

WHEREAS, Margaret’s service on both the Academic Affairs Committee and the General Education Review Subcommittee has entailed untold hours of memorizing acronyms like IGETC and GEAC—when she could have been playing tennis or golf; and

WHEREAS, The CSU system has benefited from her work as a pioneer historian of women in sports, and as a competitive athlete herself, a recognized international scholar in her field, a dedicated teacher and mentor to students from all over the world, and while CSULB will continue to benefit in the near future from her presence on its campus; and

WHEREAS, Her colleagues at CSULB, David Hood, Eileen Klink, and Praveen Soni have benefited from her loyalty, talents, and influential campus and Senate presence; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University extend its deep gratitude and admiration for her time and labors, and its best wishes as she continues her service to our university system—between trips to Brazil or other exotic locations of the world, keynote speaking at major international venues, having time with her family, or promoting sports interests and education. We
will miss you, Margaret.

Approved by Acclamation – May 5-6, 2011


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