Recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the
California State University


WHEREAS: The elected leaders of the State of California displayed their wisdom by organizing the various California State Colleges into a system now known as the California State University (CSU) on April 14th, 1960; and

WHEREAS: The oversight of the California State Colleges was assumed by the Board of Trustees on July 1st, 1961; and

WHEREAS: A Statewide Academic Senate was established in March of 1963 to facilitate shared governance at a system level; and

WHEREAS: The CSU system has contributed greatly to the cultural, economic, intellectual and physical health and well being of the citizens of the State of California for more than 50 years; and

WHEREAS: The alumni of the CSU have provided leadership to the state in the fields of health care, education, business, agriculture, entertainment and tourism, engineering, government, technology, social services, and many others; and

WHEREAS: The faculty, staff and administration of the CSU have had remarkable success in preparing its students for success in careers, in community engagement, and as lifelong learners, including many traditionally underserved and underprepared students; and

WHEREAS: The faculty and students of the CSU have contributed to the state, the nation and even the world through their research, scholarly and creative achievements; and

WHEREAS: The CSU continues to provide tremendous value to the State despite ongoing, severe funding challenges; be it therefore

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University recognize and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the CSU and look forward to working with the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and California legislature to ensure an even brighter future for the California State University; and be it further

RESOLVED: Distribute this to the CSU Board of Trustees, Campus Presidents, Campus Senate Chairs, California State Student Association, California legislators, major California newspapers, and the Emeriti and Retired Faculty Association.

Approved Without Dissent – September 16, 2011

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