Facilitating Transfer to California State University (CSU) Nursing Programs by Establishing a Common General Education (GE) Pattern in All California Community College (CCC) Associate
Degree in Nursing Programs

AS-3038-11/AA (Rev)


RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate, California State University (ASCSU) recognize the importance of streamlining nursing educational pathways from the California Community Colleges (CCC) Associate Degree Programs to the California State University (CSU) nursing programs; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU encourage faculty of CSU nursing programs to work collaboratively
with CCC nursing faculty in the creation of a common GE Breadth pattern that includes
nursing prerequisites for student transfer to CSU Nursing Programs; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU distribute this resolution to the CSU Board of Trustees, the CSU
Chancellor, CSU campus Presidents and Provosts/Vice Presidents, CSU campus Senate
Chairs, CSU campus articulation officers, the CCC Chancellor, the CCC Academic
Senate, CCC campus Senate Chairs, and CCC campus articulation officers.

RATIONALE: The progress report from the California Legislative Analyst’s Office
(March 15, 2011) on streamlining nursing educational pathways as identified in
Assembly Bill 1295 (Fuller) highlighted the need for the establishment of a common GE
transfer pattern in all of the CCC Associate Degree in Nursing programs.
Establishment of common nursing prerequisite courses was also noted to be of
importance in facilitating seamless transfer from the CCC to the CSU. The need for the
creation of a common GE pattern has been recognized as important to transfer efforts
by both CSU Chancellor Charles Reed and by CCC Chancellor Jack Scott as well as by
many nursing faculty in both systems.

Approved Unanimously – November 3-4, 2011

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