Calling for the Review or Creation of Campus Policies on
Emeriti Faculty

AS-3068-12/FA (Rev)

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) encourage
individual campuses to review policies regarding emeriti faculty for currency and completeness. Such policies should address

  • eligibility/criteria for determining emeritus status,
  • the process to acquire emeritus status,
  • honors/privileges provided for emeriti faculty,
  • responsibilities of emeriti faculty;

; and be it further

RESOLVED: That campuses lacking a policy on emeriti faculty develop a policy that includes the
aforementioned points as soon as possible; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU distribute this resolution to: the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor,
campus Presidents, campus Senate Chairs, Provosts/Academic Vice Presidents, the California Faculty Association (CFA), and CSU-Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association (CSU-ERFA)

RATIONALE: Most campuses provide for the title “emeritus” to recognize the achievements and contributions of individuals upon retirement. In addition to honoring the individual, this practice may promote ongoing involvement/contributions of retired employees to the mission of the university.

Campuses vary with respect to the honors/privileges accorded emeriti faculty (e.g., identification cards, business cards, e-mail privileges, free library access, complimentary parking permits, office/lab space, opportunity to serve on/supervise student projects, campus committees, submit external grants, a seat for an emeritus representative on the academic senate, discount/complimentary access to campus athletic/arts events, invitations to campus events such as commencement, inclusion in university’s faculty listing, bookstore or other faculty discount programs, etc.). Emeriti faculty can be members of their emeriti/retired faculty associations. The retirement associations are typically energetic sponsors of scholarships and/or grants to students, and sometimes to active faculty. In the usual cases, the campus retirement associations show high social energy and companionable interaction, including group luncheons and excursions into and beyond the community. Links to campus policies:

Approved – May 3-4, 2012


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