Resolution of Commendation for Senator Paul O'Brien

AS-3086-12/Stanislaus Delegation

WHEREAS, Senator Paul O'Brien has served the faculty, the Academic Senate and the CSU with collegial thoughtfulness and attendance at myriad meetings in the past nine years; and

WHEREAS, Senator O'Brien has represented his campus, California State University, Stanislaus, exceptionally well; and

WHEREAS, Paul has brought to the ASCSU a well-developed understanding of the need for effective working relationships with all members of the CSU community and a genuine talent for building those relationships; and

WHEREAS, Senator O'Brien has served with distinction on multiple ASCSU standing committees, the ASCSU Executive Committee, as vice-Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, and on a variety of CSU system-wide committees, accumulating in the process a weighty store of frequent flyer miles and rolling over the odometer in his car; and

WHEREAS, Senator O'Brien has been steadfast in attending to the business of the ASCSU, missing a single plenary in the entire span of his service as senator; and

WHEREAS, Paul's colleagues at CSU Stanislaus, Senators Myers, Hejka-Ekins, and Filling, have benefited from his gentle guidance, patience, unremitting optimism, and influential campus and Senate presence; and

WHEREAS, Senator O'Brien is the recipient of the 2012 CSU StaYnislaus Outstanding Professor Award
for Shared Governance in recognition of his lengthy record of service at the campus and system levels; and

WHEREAS, The CSU system has clearly benefited from Paul's work and unique skills; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University express its deep gratitude and respect to Senator O'Brien for his time and labors and his devotion to the role of shared governance in the CSU, and extend its best wishes as he continues his service to our university system—between trips to the Continent, his very active presence at sociology conferences around the nation, time with his family, or promoting collegiality wherever he can. We will miss you, Senator O'Brien.

Approved by Acclamation – May 3-4, 2012



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