Support for Alternative General Education (GE) Pathways for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)
Transfer Students

AS-3101-12/APEP/AA (Rev)


RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) endorse the Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates (ICAS) recommendation: “2.4 STEM  Students who are eligible to use the IGETC for STEM Majors" (see attached); and be it further

RESOLVED:  That the ASCSU endorse similar modifications to the CSU GE breadth requirements (EO 1065) for this same set of students; and be it further

RESOLVED:  That alternative pathways be established with the following features:

  • Students in specific STEM majors with an approved alternative pathway be allowed to defer up to three courses from the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) pattern selected from Area 3, Area 4 and/or Area 6a; or up to three courses from the GE Breadth pattern selected from Area C, Area D and/or Area E until after transfer and be eligible for all rights and guarantees that would accrue if they would have completed the entire package prior to transfer.
  • Receiving campuses not require students to complete more courses and/or units than those deferred in the alternative pathway.

Course/unit deferrals only be allowed if they are replaced with required major/major preparation courses and it would be impossible for students to complete both major/major preparation coursework and either IGETC and/or GE Breadth within 60 units prior to transfer, and be it further

RESOLVED:  That the IGETC Standards Review Subcommittee and Chancellor’s General Education Advisory Committee be designated to oversee these pathways, including addressing the following issues and other necessary issues needed to establish and implement them:

  • A process for discipline faculty to request an alternative pathway for a specific major.
  • Policies/procedures to allow students to complete an alternative pathway and receive the associated rights and guarantees.
  • Communication with, and coordination between, sending and receiving campuses to ensure the smooth implementation and operation of these pathways.
  • Coordination with Articulation System Stimulating Inter-institutional Student Transfer (ASSIST), CSU Mentor, University of California (UC) Transfer Admission Planner and other similar entities to provide students with information about these pathways; and be it further

RESOLVED:  That this resolution be distributed to:

  • CSU Board of Trustees,
  • Eric G. Forbes, Assistant Vice Chancellor - Student Academic Services,
  • Ken O’Donnell, Senior Director - Student Engagement,
  • Robert Powell, Chair - Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates,
  • Mildred Garcia, Chair - CSU Admissions Advisory Committee,
  • George Johnson, Chair -UC Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools (BOARS)
  • CSU Chancellor,
  • CSU Presidents,
  • CSU Provosts, and
  • CSU Council of Campus Senate Chairs.

RATIONALE: ASCSU has gone on record supporting the flexibility in completing general education requirements embodied in the recommended alternative pathways outlined in the resolution (see AS-2678-04 Attached). Some STEM majors may benefit greatly by completing all lower-division major/major preparation courses prior to transfer in lieu of taking all required GE courses if both cannot be accomplished in 60 units. It would be unfair to not afford these students the same rights and guarantees that students in other majors receive by completing a GE transfer pattern and/or an approved associate transfer degree. The alternative pathways and responsibilities outlined in this resolution would provide this flexibility and preserve rights and guarantees currently in place for student completing traditional GE pathways (rationale expanded as per Van Selst)

Approved Unanimously – January 17-18, 2013


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