Resolution Commending John Travis


WHEREAS, John Travis held the position of Professor of Political Science at Humboldt State University for over 40 years, and

WHEREAS, he also served the California Faculty Association (CFA) with distinction in several capacities, including President, Chair of the Bargaining Team, Chair of the Political Action-Legislation Committee and CFA Liaison to the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU), and

WHEREAS, as CFA Liaison par excellence he delivered frank, comprehensive reports, (sometimes the same report two or three times to a variety of audiences within a single day), truly listened to faculty concerns, answered all and sundry questions with aplomb and above and beyond the call of duty stayed to the bitter end of innumerable committee and plenary meetings, and

WHEREAS, regardless of the circumstances he always conducted himself professionally, with dignity, integrity and a great deal of self-discipline, and

WHEREAS, his efforts to align shared governance and faculty rights helped to strengthen the relationship between the ASCSU and CFA, and

WHEREAS, his down-to-earth manner and soft spoken style, coupled with his fierce defense of faculty rights and values made him the one you want on your side of the bargaining table, and

WHEREAS, he is a master of fact-finding, bargaining, and negotiating who could always shine the sun on the Collective Bargaining Agreement and

WHEREAS, he served most ably as an advocate for faculty and public higher education both in testimony to the California State Legislature and in his work on the national level; and

WHEREAS, in his signature blazer, t-shirt, and earring, he epitomizes professional, casual chic; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU express its deep appreciation to John for his contributions to the CSU, his commitment and service to faculty and his unfailing optimism in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.


Approved by Acclamation – November 9, 2012


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