On the Occasion of the Retirement of Chancellor Charles B. Reed


WHEREAS, Chancellor Charles B. Reed has served as Chancellor of the California State University (CSU) for almost 15 years; and

WHEREAS, Chancellor Reed led the CSU during an unprecedented series of economic and other challenges; and

WHEREAS, Chancellor Reed has always emphasized that students are his first priority; and

WHEREAS, Chancellor Reed endowed a scholarship fund to recognize an exemplary William Hearst/CSU Trustee’s Award, which is given each year to students who have demonstrated financial need, experienced personal hardships, and have attributes of merit; and

WHEREAS Chancellor Reed supported the CSU Annual Academic Conference that brought together Trustees as well as student, faculty, and administrative leadership to discuss issues of relevance to the CSU; and

WHEREAS, Chancellor Reed tirelessly advocated for and strongly supported CSU’s authority to offer professional doctorates in education, nursing, and physical therapy to meet the labor force needs of the state; and

WHEREAS, the CSU has contributed greatly to the economic, social and cultural vitality of the state, providing a remarkable number of highly talented graduates to the California workforce during Chancellor Reed’s tenure; and

WHEREAS, Chancellor Reed established a record of service as Chancellor of two major university systems and leadership at numerous national organizations; be it therefore

RESOLVED: That senators of the Academic Senate of the CSU make a contribution to the Chancellor Charles B. Reed Scholar Award in support of the worthy goals of the Hearst/CSU Trustee’s Award, and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU recognize Chancellor Reed’s dedication, tireless service, and contributions to the CSU; and be it further

RESOLVED: That we wish Chancellor and Mrs. Reed well as they spend increasing amounts of their time and resources tending to grandparenting duties and have the opportunity to spend more time together and with family and friends.

Approved by Acclamation – November 9, 2012


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