Support for the Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID)

AS-3111-13/APEP/AA (Rev)

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) applaud and continue to support the inter-segmental collaboration and work in the development of the C-ID system
( ; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU commit to shared governance with the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) to ensure the continued success of the C-ID partnership; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU work with the ASCCC and the Inter-segmental Committee of Academic Senates (ICAS) to seek the funding necessary to ensure the continued viability of the C-ID partnership; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU distribute this resolution to Governor Jerry Brown, Chancellor Timothy White, University of California President Mark Yudof, California Community College Chancellor Brice Harris, Executive Vice Chancellor Ephraim Smith, and ICAS.

RATIONALE: C-ID offers a system-wide articulation alternative to campus-to-campus articulation between 23 CSU and 112 California Community College campuses. More specifically, it provides a means by which courses and curricula are approved for inclusion in the transfer AA degrees established under the guidelines contained in SB 1440. It has the potential to increase the ease of transfer, to ensure comparability of courses across colleges, and to provide a system-wide method for ensuring that curricula and courses continue to meet the needs of our students and to facilitate their success after transfer. Without a viable C-ID system, or a replacement, it would be impossible to implement these degrees on community college campuses.

As initial funding for the system diminishes and the project matures, it is important that sufficient funding be secured to continue the efforts to develop and maintain articulation, to support the course review process, and to keep course descriptors and curricular patterns up-to-date. It would enhance the system’s viability for the ASCSU to become an equal partner with ASCCC in the ongoing functioning of C-ID.

Approved Unanimously – March 14-15, 2013


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