Change to the Bylaws of the Academic Senate Section 4d(2)
Charge to the Faculty Affairs Committee

AS-3117-13/FA (Rev)

RESOLVED: That section 4d2 of the current bylaws be amended to read:

(j) faculty participation in international programs and faculty exchange;

(k) inclusion of outstanding faculty award recipients from each campus in a faculty showcase on the system website, and

(k) (l) such other matters as may be brought before it by the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate CSU.

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) distribute this resolution to the Board of Trustees, and the campus Senate Chairs.

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU distribute this resolution to the CSU Chancellor and Board of Trustees, CSU campus Presidents, CSU campus Provosts, CSU campus Senate Chairs, the California State Student Association, and the CSU Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association.

RATIONALE: Following the November 2012 plenary, the ASCSU Faculty Affairs Committee recommended that a web page showcasing outstanding faculty from each of the CSU universities be established on the website. Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer Ephraim Smith indicated his support for this project. The addition of item (k) to the ASCSU Bylaws is intended to institutionalize this process so that the web page is kept current. This document
clarifies responsibilities and lays out the procedures to be followed.

Identification of Faculty to Include: At least once per year, the Chancellor’s Office shall collect from the campuses, through the ASCSU senators and campus senate chairs or other campus contacts as appropriate, the information required to update the web page. The information provided shall include the (1) campus, (2) name of the award, (3) faculty recipient with title and department affiliation,
(4) link(s) to media announcing the award and/or photo of recipient, and (5) name and date of contact of person confirming accuracy of information.

Recommendation to ASCSU: The Faculty Affairs Committee shall recommend to the ASCSU Executive Committee the faculty to be recognized. The Academic Senate Office staff shall coordinate the updating of the web page and the web page for each Academic Year shall be archived on the ASCSU website.

Criteria for inclusion: Faculty included in the Showcase shall be recipients of (1) campus-wide awards, (2) sanctioned by the campus faculty and administration recognizing, (3) outstanding performance in any area of faculty endeavor (teaching, scholarly/creative activity, service, etc.). Faculty Affairs’ criteria for inclusion on the web page shall apply to all campuses. Changes to these criteria shall originate in the Faculty Affairs Committee and be approved by the ASCSU.

The current Bylaws of the ASCSU can be found at:

Approved Unanimously – May 16-17, 2013


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