In Support of AB 387 (Levine): Public Postsecondary Education:
California State University: Online Education

AS-3121-13/FGA (Rev)

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) express its support for AB 387 (Levine), recognizing that periodic assessment of online programs, as in the case of all academic programs, is essential to maintaining academic quality in the California State University (CSU); and be it further,

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU commend and thank the author of AB 387 for his willingness to work collaboratively with the CSU, and particularly the ASCSU, to perfect the bill in a way which continues to acknowledge the rights and responsibilities of the faculty in the establishment of academic program requirements; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU distribute this resolution to the CSU Board of Trustees, the CSU Chancellor, Assemblymember Marc Levine, Members of the Assembly Committee on Higher Education; Senate Committee on Education and Chairs of Senate and Assembly Appropriations committees.

RATIONALE: The ASCSU recognizes that periodic evaluation of academic programs is important to ensuring program quality and that it is within the purview of the Legislature to request periodic reports on academic initiatives from the CSU. The purpose of AB 387 is to establish such an evaluation process for initiatives in the area of online education.

Importantly, the current bill language eliminates the requirement, found in the original language, that, in the case of all new programs, a minimum of 10 percent of newly developed courses be offered online. The requirement failed to recognize that, given the wide variation in the nature of academic programs, the online course format might not be equally suitable in all cases. The elimination of the requirement recognizes that course and program development is the prerogative
of the faculty, as specified in Title 5 and recognized by the Legislature.

Approved – May 16-17, 2013


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