Resolution of Commendation for Robert Buckley Upon His Retirement from the Academic Senate of the California
State University

AS-3134-13/Sacramento Del.

WHEREAS, Robert Buckley’s sudden announcement of his retirement has caused considerable inconvenience for the remainder of the Sacramento delegation by forcing them to produce this resolution on short notice; and

WHEREAS, This resolution nonetheless offers an “evidence-based” homage to Senator Buckley, acknowledging his commitment to “assessment” by carrying out a summative evaluation of his contributions to the Academic Senate of the CSU (ASCSU); and

WHEREAS, Compelling evidence establishes that Robert Buckley has been a tireless advocate for shared governance, both on his campus and systemwide; and

WHEREAS, Specifically related to the ASCSU, Robert Buckley has served with distinction since 2005, rising to such leadership positions as Vice Chair of the Senate as well as three terms as Chair of the Academic Preparation and Education Programs (APEP) Committee; and

WHEREAS, Additional service has included seven years as a member of the Academic Technology Advisory Committee, four years on the Academic Technology Initiative Leadership Council, three years on the CMS Student Function Team, two years on the Information Security Policy Workgroup, and one year on numerous partridges in pear trees of shared governance; and

WHEREAS, Unofficial service has included: providing terrifying rides to and from LAX; playing obligatory rounds of golf with Senator Tarjan; using the gravitas of his voice to gain access to the Chancellors Office parking lot without a key card; and marrying a CSU administrator solely – we are told – for the purpose of providing us with the inside track on CSU administrative decision-making; and

WHEREAS, In addition, Senator Buckley has set an example for us all by showing an admirable ability to treat deadlines as mere suggestions and not annoying absolutes; and

WHEREAS, Senator Buckley’s penultimate parting words at his last plenary were, “I’ll be your Princess, remember me”; be it therefore

RESOLVED: That Robert Buckley, instead will be remembered for a career-long commitment to education at all levels, from the local school board, to the university classroom, to shared governance at the campus and systemwide levels; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU ask Senator Buckley to report out on his assessment of the validity and future use of this commendation; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University extend to Robert Buckley  its heartfelt thanks and offer its best wishes for the future, as he drives off in his new Miata – put some miles on that sucker!



Approved by Acclamation – May 17, 2013



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