Commendation for Dr. Buckley Barrett

AS-3136-13/CSUSB Del.

WHEREAS, Buckley Barrett has served the ASCSU with extraordinary dedication and diligence since 2000 on a variety of committees and roles most notably Fiscal and Governmental Affairs (Chair), Council of Library Directors (COLD), Academic Affairs, and the General Education Advisory Committee; and

WHEREAS, Senator Barrett’s strong legislative advocacy work for the ASCSU in Sacramento provides a blueprint for thoughtful advocacy work for generations of future CSU Academic Senates; and

WHEREAS, Senator Barrett’s erudite prose and generous, thoughtful spirit has led him to be the “go-to” person for resolutions and all manner of commentary in the CSUSB Faculty Senate; and

WHEREAS, Dr.  Barrett has worked tirelessly for the CSUSB John M. Pfau Library for more than 30 years in just about every role available to a librarian, including Reference, Serials, Cataloging & Technical Services, Automation Services, and Collection Development; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Barrett has contributed  to scholarship by publishing a variety of resources on the World Wars, Stalin, and Churchill (perhaps adopting from Churchill the philosophy If you are going through hell, keep going); and

WHEREAS, BBB aka “Triple B” has earned the title the E.E. Cummings of email for his unconventional lack of capitalization and punctuation; and

WHEREAS, Senator Barrett has continued to work as hard or, if possible, even harder in his FERP years; therefore be it,

RESOLVED: That we sincerely thank and say “Bravo” to BBB for all that Senator Barrett is, and all that he has contributed to the betterment of the ASCSU and the CSU; and be it further

RESOLVED: We wish both he and Ms. BBB all the joy and happiness that retirement and travels will bring!

Approved by Acclamation – May 17, 2013



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