Commendation in Memory of CSU Trustee Peter G. Mehas


WHEREAS, Peter G. Mehas earned his bachelor's degree from California State University, Fresno in 1962, master's degree from UCLA in 1967, and doctorate in education from the University of Southern California in 1979; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Mehas was an All-American, All-Conference, Center at Fresno City College, played on Fresno State’s undefeated 1961 Mercy Bowl team, and a “proud Bulldog like no other”; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Mehas began his career in education at Fresno’s Roosevelt High School, worked his way up from assistant principal to associate superintendent in the Clovis Unified School District, and was known as a "tremendous motivator" and"fanatic about encouraging people to reach their potential"; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Mehas was elected a four-term Fresno County Schools Superintendent, served as Secretary of Education for former Governor George Deukmejian, served on former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Advisory Committee on Education Excellence, and served on former President George H.W. Bush’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Mehas held a lifetime California Standard Secondary Teaching Credential and General Elementary Credential, as well as a lifetime School Service Credential in General Administration from California State University, Fresno; and

WHEREAS, As a member of the California State University Board of Trustees; Trustee Mehas was a constant advocate for CSU programs of teacher education and a champion expressing CSU preeminence and quality to his fellow Trustees and others; and

WHEREAS, Trustee Mehas served on several university advisory boards including one for the CSU independent doctorate in education, and was the recipient of numerous local and state awards; and

WHEREAS, Trustee Mehas - a longtime civic and education leader known for his commitment to scholarship and bettering the Central Valley; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) memorialize the achievements of Trustee Peter G. Mehas and express its condolences upon his passing; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU recognize Trustee Mehas’ activism and scholarship as an inspiration for our students, faculty, staff and administrators; and be it further

RESOLVED: That Trustee Mehas be posthumously endowed with the deep and everlasting gratitude of the ASCSU.

Approved by Acclamation – October 31, 2013



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