Opposition to AB 46 (Pan) California State University: Online Education



RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) withdraw its support from AB 46 (Pan) California State University: Online Education; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU urge Governor Brown to veto AB 46 (Pan); and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU distribute this resolution to Governor Brown, Assemblymember Richard Pan, the Board of Trustees, Chancellor Timothy White, the Office of the Chancellor, CSU Office of Advocacy and State Relations, CSU Campus Presidents, Campus Senate Chairs, the California Faculty Association, the California State Student Association.

RATIONALE: The language of AB 46 (Pan) originated in an earlier bill SB 1325 (Yee): California State University: Contractors. SB 1325 required outside contractors (such as Udacity) to report to the CSU all data gathered on CSU students taking its courses. In March 2014 the ASCSU adopted a position of support for the bill. When SB 1325 was withdrawn, language from that bill was relocated into AB 46 (Pan): California State University: Online Education. Subsequent amendments to AB 46, specifically those requiring reporting on online courses with the CSU, have led the ASCSU to believe that the bill is no longer in the best interest of the CSU, its students, and its faculty. Specific concerns include:

1. The language of the bill is ambiguous in its definition of online courses; it fails to recognize the many modalities that online instruction can take;

2. The bill could impose heavy reporting requirements on faculty and the CSU, and these may lead to significant costs that are currently unfunded in the bill;

3. Many of the reporting requirements are already in place as a result of AB 386;

4. Given the detailed level of student demographic and academic data that could be requested, the reporting requirements could potentially violate student privacy protections;

5. Because the ASCSU would be requesting any such information from the CSU itself, it is an internal matter not requiring legislative action; to that extent, the bill is unnecessary.

The bill is currently enrolled and before the Governor. It is important therefore, that the ASCSU informs the Governor that the Academic Senate has withdrawn its support from AB 46 (Pan) and urges him to veto the bill.

    Approved – September 4, 2014



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