Commendation for Wayne Tikkanen


WHEREAS, Wayne Tikkanen has provided outstanding service to the California State University as Professor of Chemistry in the College of Natural and Social Sciences at CSU Los Angeles, joining that campus in 1986; and

WHEREAS, as chair of his department for eight years, Wayne Tikkanen reinvigorated an M.S. degree program in chemistry, and developed an articulation scheme for community college organic chemistry classes; and

WHEREAS, in 2003, Wayne Tikkanen was awarded the UC Davis Prize for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Mentoring in Chemical Research in recognition of the success of these students; and

WHEREAS, more than 70 students have worked in his lab and they have made more than 50 professional presentations at national and regional meetings, with many going on to earn advanced degrees or to medical or dental school; and

WHEREAS, Wayne Tikkanen secured $1.5 million in grants, which supported his research in selective catalytic carbon-carbon bond formation, an area that has implications in the preparation of pharmaceuticals and other products; and

WHEREAS, Wayne Tikkanen published four editions of a laboratory manual (co-authored with CSULA Professor Harold Goldwhite) and two editions of a study guide which were disseminated nationally; and

WHEREAS, Wayne Tikkanen provided strong leadership as Faculty Director of the CSU Institute for Teaching and Learning since 2011, creating a culture of collaboration, evidence-based decision-making and supportive innovation in teaching and learning; and

WHEREAS, Wayne Tikkanen has a wit like none other; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU is grateful for Wayne Tikkanen’s outstanding collegiality, commitment, and tireless efforts to enhance the teaching and learning mission of the CSU; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU offer its best wishes to Wayne Tikkanen for happiness and success in all his future endeavors, especially time spent with his wife and five children, and cycling through whatever life brings his way.

Approved by Acclamation – November 6, 2014



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