Commendation for Karen Y. Zamarripa – Assistant Vice Chancellor,
CSU Advocacy and State Relations


WHEREAS, Karen Y. Zamarripa has, for more than three decades, worked in the area of legislative advocacy, state budget issues , K-12 and higher education policy; and

WHEREAS, Karen Zamarripa is a California State University (CSU) alum, having earned her Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Administration from Sacramento State (which  named her Alumna of the Year in 2002); and

WHEREAS, Karen Zamarripa has been part of the CSU community since 1991, where in recent years she has served as Assistant Vice Chancellor for Advocacy and State Relations; and

WHEREAS, In this role Karen Zamarripa has worked tirelessly to advance the interests of California higher education in general and of the CSU in particular, both in the  Capitol and by building an active coalition of advocates from among the numerous interest groups with a stake in the CSU; and

WHEREAS, These efforts are best exemplified by her organization of the CSU Budget Advocacy Initiatives in recent years that, by dint of hard work, masterful leadership, and lots of red socks, culminated in a $100 million augmentation of the  2015-2016 CSU state support budget; and

WHEREAS, In 2014, Karen Zamarripa worked tirelessly on behalf of the faculty of the CSU to achieve passage of AB 2324 (Williams), a.k.a. the “Faculty Trustee Bill,” that helps ensure  a continuous presence of a faculty trustee on the CSU Board of Trustees; and

WHEREAS, Karen Zamarripa was the recipient of the Marvin D. “Swede” Johnson Award, which is a national recognition of outstanding leadership and achievements in advocacy for higher education; and

WHEREAS, Through these and many other efforts, Karen Y. Zamarripa has built and leaves behind a CSU advocacy community with a strong, shared sense of purpose, that promises to continue well into the future; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University extend its heartfelt thanks to Assistant Vice Chancellor Karen Y. Zamarripa for both her unflagging advocacy in Sacramento on behalf of the California State University and the guidance she has regularly provided to the Academic Senate in its own advocacy efforts; and be it further

RESOLVED: That, for the reasons stated above, the Academic Senate declare Karen Y. Zamarripa an “Official Friend of the California State University Academic Senate” and urge her “not to be a stranger”; and be it further

RESOLVED: The Academic Senate urge Karen Y. Zamarripa to be sure to indulge her interests in golf and travel to exotic places, and wishes her the best of success in all her future endeavors.

Approved by Acclamation –  November 6, 2015




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