The Role of Faculty and Campus Academic Senates in Recommending
Campus Strategic Plans


RESOLVED: Academic Senate of the California State University call upon all CSU campus administrations to honor and reaffirm the authority of faculty in the creation, revision or affirmation of strategic plans in keeping with the principles and practices of shared governance, in particular those codified in campus policies; and be it further

RESOLVED: The Academic Senate of the California State University urge CSU Presidents and the Presidents’ Offices to advocate for and follow policies and procedures that promote and ensure shared governance; and be it further

RESOLVED: That this resolution be distributed to the CSU Chancellor, CSU Campus Presidents, CSU Provosts and VPs of Academic Affairs, CSU Campus Senate Chairs, and CSU Board of Trustees.

RATIONALE: In the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA) the California legislature has affirmed that “joint decisionmaking [sic] and consultation between administration and faculty or academic employees is the long-accepted manner of governing institutions of higher learning and is essential to the performance of the educational missions of these institutions.”1 Additionally, the AAUP’s 1966 “Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities” similarly defines shared governance as “joint action”2 taken between faculty, administration, and boards of governors. Finally, the California State University System’s 2007 “Distinctive Universities and Campuses: The Autonomy of Individual Institutions in a Multi-Institutional System” provides “universities and campus senates their role in shared governance whenever possible …”3

Given the reality that the primary mission of the CSU is the education of California’s students, it seems obvious that the faculty have a clear and compelling interest in strategic plans, which are, after all, the maps campuses use to accomplish their mission. It is clear to this body that the official voice of the CSU faculty is the faculty senates. Campus senates must have formal roles in campus strategic plans. Strategic plans should be formally presented to campus senates who are the official voice of faculty. It is our understanding that events on the Stanislaus campus have not conformed to the principles referenced above. These events act as an index of the need to monitor such strategic planning practices on campuses in order to follow such policies and advocate for them where they do not exist.



    Approved Without Dissent –  March 3-4, 2016
1 Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA) 3561 (b):
3 (AS-2820-07/FGA/AA (Rev)



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