Commendation for Deborah Roberts, Sonoma State University Statewide Academic Senator

AS-3259-16/Sonoma State University Delegation

WHEREAS, Deborah Roberts has represented Sonoma State University on the Academic Senate CSU (ASCSU) from 2013 to 2016; and

WHEREAS, During her service, Senator Roberts served as a member of the ASCSU Faculty Affairs (FA) Committee, the CSU Commission on Online Education, the Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Policy Advisory and System-wide Selection Committees, the Student Health Services Advisory Committee and the Background Check Policy Task Force; and

WHEREAS, Deborah Roberts also served with dedication as the Vice-Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee for two years, where she patiently kept minutes of the FA meetings while actively participating in committee discussions and drafting resolutions; and

WHEREAS, The Faculty Affairs Committee will miss her wisdom, warmth and cool headed advice; and

WHEREAS, Senator Roberts’ expertise in nursing programs and online education proved invaluable to her faculty and administrative colleagues, as did the aid and comfort dispensed in her informal capacity as “nurse-in-residence” to the ASCSU and assorted administrators; and

WHEREAS, In addition to her academic expertise, Senator Roberts’ knowledge of the finer points of good whiskey and haute cuisine, rivaling that of Senator Collins, added depth to her dinner companions’ understanding of the world of food and spirits; and


WHEREAS, Senator Roberts’ wit and turn of phrase have kept many a faculty and administrative colleague from taking things (especially themselves) too seriously at just the right moment, particularly when she looks you straight in the eye and in her best dead pan voice says, “Really??”; and


WHEREAS, Senator Roberts’ hilarious running editorial commentary has delighted her SSU colleague, so much so that she actually on occasion looks forward to plenary meetings; and


WHEREAS, Senator Roberts is deeply respected by her Sonoma State University (SSU) colleagues for her outstanding leadership of the SSU nursing program, her deep commitment to shared governance, her unflinching critique of administrative leadership when the occasion demands it, and her phenomenal ability to “tell it like it is”, detect and unmask pretense wherever she finds it; and


WHEREAS, Senator Roberts is highly regarded by her ASCSU colleague from Sonoma State as a valued partner in shared governance, a woman of principle, a delightful dinner companion at the end of a long and trying day, and a good friend; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU express its appreciation to Senator Roberts for her service and contributions to CSU statewide shared governance, and wish her well as she embarks on the next phase of her university career as Interim Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs at Sonoma State University (aka the dark side); and be it finally


RESOLVED: That a copy of this resolution be forwarded to Senator Deborah Roberts and the Sonoma State University Academic Senate.


Approved by Acclamation – May 20, 2016




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