Resolution of Commendation for Loretta Kensinger

AS-3261-16/CSU Fresno Delegation

WHEREAS, Professor Loretta Kensinger has been a leader in faculty governance both on the campus of California State University, Fresno and as a member of the Academic Senate of California State University (ASCSU); and

WHEREAS, Professor Kensinger has served as a statewide senator to ASCSU and member of the Executive committee of the Academic Senate of California State University, Fresno; and


WHEREAS, Professor Kensinger has spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours in service to faculty governance. She regularly attended the statewide Senate meetings and spent every Monday afternoon during the academic year with either the California State University, Fresno Senate or Executive Committee, or both; and


WHEREAS, Professor Kensinger has been a champion for the rights of students, faculty, and staff on her campus and statewide. Professor Kensinger has advocated powerfully for the rights of lecturers as well as tenure-stream faculty and ensured attention to multiple forms of diversity in policies and committee representation; and


WHEREAS, Professor Kensinger has also been a strong advocate of the role that faculty play in governing the California State University. She has consistently advocated the importance of shared governance and maintaining the faculty’s primacy over curricular matters in our academic programs; and


WHEREAS, Professor Kensinger has endured long hours on the road traveling to attend the ASCSU meetings, and even longer hours in those meetings; and


WHEREAS, While serving her campus in the area of faculty governance Professor Kensinger has been an outstanding educator in the classroom, teaching her students even as she educates her colleagues, about issues of gender and other forms of inequality on- and off-campus; and


WHEREAS, Loretta Kensinger has served with distinction on the Faculty Affairs Committee for two years; and

WHEREAS, Loretta Kensinger has been a tireless advocate for Ethnic and women’s studies including her effective ASCSU representation on Ethnic Studies Task Force; and

WHEREAS, Loretta has always advocated a safe learning environment, free of sexual harassment and violence, for students at the CSU; and

WHEREAS, Professor Loretta Kensinger is widely respected for her broad knowledge of higher education; and

WHEREAS, Professor Kensinger is widely acknowledged as an individual who ensures that our governance structures exercise due diligence in considering the implications of policy decisions for all constituencies in the CSU system; and most importantly


WHEREAS, Professor Kensinger is a thoughtful colleague who is also extremely passionate about the CSU, its vision, mission, and its importance to the people of the state of California; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU thank Dr. Loretta Kensinger for her service to the ASCSU and CSU; and be it finally


RESOLVED: That we wish Dr. Loretta Kensinger success and happiness in her future endeavors, both personal and professional.


Approved by Acclamation – May 20, 2016




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