Commendation In Honor of Michael Ritter, CSU Statewide Senator

AS-3272-16/San Francisco State University Delegation

WHEREAS,      Senator Michael Ritter has served on the Academic Senate of the California State University (Academic Senate CSU) with purpose while ably and effectively representing San Francisco State University (SF State) for the past year; and


WHEREAS,      Senator Ritter has served on the SF State Academic Senate and its Executive Committee with great dedication over the years; and


WHEREAS,      Senator Ritter is a Student Services Professional who has served as a member of the SF State Student Affairs Committee with extensive expertise; and


WHEREAS,      Senator Ritter consistently approached each task, from the smallest to the most challenging, with a smile and a positive attitude; and


WHEREAS,      Senator Ritter is an Old School Revolutionary who has made it his life’s calling to give disenfranchised people anywhere a voice; and


WHEREAS,      the SF State Counseling & Psychological Services Center and entire campus have greatly benefitted from Senator Ritter’s 30 years of service; and


WHEREAS,      according to Academic Senate CSU’s Faculty to Faculty publication (, Senator Ritter believes that as the academy continues to evolve to meet the challenges of the 21st century, shared governance is essential for maintaining a university that truly reflects the values of academic excellence, access for our students, and social justice; and


WHEREAS,      Senator Ritter also considers that tenure density and faculty workload are certainly pressing issues as is a sense that the state has left CSU to rely on funding from non-public sources; and


WHEREAS,      Senator Ritter deems that academic quality implies that we as a university provide our students with the skills and tools to succeed and lead in a complex and ever-changing world; therefore be it


RESOLVED:    That the Academic Senate CSU commend and thank Senator Michael Ritter on his commitment to shared governance and service in the Academic Senate CSU; and be it further


RESOLVED:    That the Academic Senate CSU offer its best wishes to Senator Michael Ritter for happiness and success in all his future endeavors.


Approved by Acclamation – September 15-16, 2016





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