Commendation in Honor of Dr. Ken Nishita

AS-3300-17/CSU Monterey Bay Delegation

WHEREAS, Dr. Ken Nishita is a professor of psychology at California State University at Monterey Bay (CSUMB) with specialized training and expertise in biological psychology, statistics and behavioral neuropharmacology; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Ken Nishita was hired in 1994 as one of CSUMB’s founding faculty members, having contributed to the campus’s first Educational Plan; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Ken Nishita, has served with distinction on the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) since 1994, ably representing CSU Monterey Bay and faithfully reporting back to the CSUMB Senate with summaries that were, in the words of a former CSUMB Provost, “meticulously detailed and comprehensive”; and

WHEREAS, according to eyewitness accounts from unnamed ASCSU sources, Dr. Nishita was a faithful longtime patron of the Hampton Inn in Carson, where he stayed during ASCSU Plenaries and was known to rise at 5am to prepare himself for the earty
free breakfast that the establishment counted among its best, albeit perhaps its only, amenity; and

WHEREAS, During his 23 years on the ASCSU, Dr. Ken Nishita served on numerous ASCSU committees and innumerable intersegmental and system-wide task forces, notably as a long-term member of the Academic Affairs (AA) and Academic Preparation and Education Programs (APEP) Committees, as chair of the General Education Advisory Committee (GEAC) in addition to service on the Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates (ICAS), the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), the Task Force on Graduate and Postbaccalaureate Education in the CSU, the SB1440 Implementation and Oversight Committee, the General Education Course Review Subcommittee, the Services to Students with Disabilities Advisory Committee, the 2001 University Planning Committee for CSU Channel Islands, and, most recently, as a new member of the CSU Emeriti and Retired Faculty Association (CSU ERFA), which should ensure his continued involvement with shared governance in the CSU forever; and

WHEREAS, According to a former campus Dean and fellow Founding Faculty member, Dr. Nishita once noted that his father had once worked with Walter Bic on the polymer used in the development of the first ballpoint pen, and had things gone a little differently, we would all be signing our names with “Nishitas” instead of Bic pens; and

WHEREAS, Thanks to the abovementioned simple twist of fate, the ASCSU has been blessed to know Dr. Ken Nishita as a cherished and dedicated colleague who listened more than he spoke, gave more than he took, and remained first and foremost a true gentleman in the best sense of the word; be it therefore

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University express its deep gratitude to Dr. Ken Nishita for his service and contributions to the CSU, and extend its best wishes to him as he enters a new and enriching phase of life.


Approved by Acclamation –  May 18-19, 2017



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