CSU ADN to BSN Nursing Roadmaps

Nursing Admission Prerequisite Courses

Effective fall 2012, admission to all California State University post-licensure ADN-to-BSN and ADN-to-MSN degree programs includes completion of an Associate Degree in Nursing and these eight prerequisites:

Nursing Program Prerequisite Course CSU GE Breadth Area
1. Oral communication    A1
2. Written communication    A2
3. Critical thinking    A3
4. Chemistry (general, integrated, inorganic or organic)-with or without lab, as it is taught on the campus where the course was taken    B1, B3
5. Human anatomy (with required lab)    B2, B3
6. Human physiology (with required lab)    B2, B3
7. Microbiology (with required lab)    B2, B3
8. Statistics    B4

Other admission requirements may apply and will vary by CSU campus. Courses subject to change. Completion of nursing program prerequisites does not guarantee admission to a CSU BSN degree program.