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Monika Eckfield, PhD, RN, Faculty, CSU East Bay

Monika EckfieldDr. Monika Eckfield, Assistant Professor of Nursing, joined CSU East Bay as a tenure track faculty member in fall 2013.  Her primary areas of expertise are gerontology and hoarding disorder (HD). She has presented at local, national and international conferences on the topic of HD and was featured as a clinical expert on a documentary titled "Help! I'm a Hoarder" viewed on the Learning Channel. Dr. Eckfield is a founding member of the San Francisco Task Force on Hoarding, which in 2009 published a report titled "Beyond Overwhelmed" outlining the significant impact of HD on the lives of residents, property owners, health and social service providers, and emergency response teams in San Francisco. All together, the Task Force found that untreated HD costs the city and county of San Francisco more than $6.4 million annually-- money that could be directed toward more effective interventions and treatments for the disorder. This landmark report has been used by other cities across the US and in Australia to guide their response to hoarding-related issues. Currently, Dr. Eckfield is partnering with the Mental Health Association of San Francisco, the University of California, San Francisco, and the Department of Aging and Adult Services to carry out two research projects to evaluate the effectiveness of three different interventions for HD. One of these interventions is specifically targeted for adults who are older or have disabilities.

Dr. Eckfield is being recognized by her CSU nursing colleagues for her article, ”The synergistic effect of growing older with hoarding behaviors,” published in Clinical Nursing Research1.  This prestigious journal features clinical research studies whose issues and findings are meaningful to nurses in clinical practice settings and have potential clinical application.  Dr. Eckfield’s qualitative research study delves into the interactive effect of aging on older adults with HD. Such behaviors are known to restrict the use of individual’s home environment, cause safety issues, and result in functional impairment or distress.  With aging these issues typically become magnified.  Using grounded theory methodology, Dr. Eckfield interviewed 22 older adult participants with a history of chronic hoarding behaviors to better understand how changes brought on by the aging process influence their HD. The themes and concepts emerging from this study provide a theoretical framework that can assist health professionals in identifying targeted interventions to use when strategizing about how best to enhance home safety.  Furthermore, living in a safer environment then helps to support independence in the population of older adults with HD.

Congratulations, Dr. Eckfield, on your publication!

1Eckfield, M.B. & Wallhagen, M.I. (2013). The synergistic effect of growing older with hoarding behaviors. Clinical Nursing Research, 22: 475-491.

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Monika Eckfield, PhD, RN, CSU East Bay
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“Help! I’m a Hoarder.”  Read about the research of one CSU nursing faculty who is studying elderly individuals diagnosed with a hoarding disorder to uncover factors associated with hoarding behaviors and to identify effective targeted interventions to help this vulnerable population.