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Marcus Milton

Marcus Milton

The crash of the economy in 2008 was devastating. My comfortable lifestyle and six-figure income were diminished overnight to living with friends and collecting unemployment checks. In an effort to get back on my feet, I began taking college courses and found my true passion and purpose in life. Now, my desire to excel benefits my community and my patients. In the process of helping others, my life is more fulfilled. Itís been an amazing journey of discovery and learning.

I had the grades to go to any nursing program I wanted, but was familiar with the academic reputation of the CSULB School of Nursing. Not only are the professors passionate about ensuring that the students have a deep understanding of the illnesses of their patients, they also focus on the importance of caring and cultural sensitivity in the treatment of patients. I've been a successful person my entire life due to an innate drive to be the best. I feel comfortable with saying that once I graduate from the nursing program at CSULB, I will have a solid foundation that will help me become the awesome nurse my patients deserve.

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