CSU ADN to BSN Nursing Roadmaps
Hyman Shia

Hyman Shia

As an ADN-to-BSN student who graduated from a nearby community college, I am excited about all the opportunities Cal State Long Beach has to offer. I chose to pursue my BSN because I believe this will better prepare me to provide care for patients, not only in hospitals but also in my community. With the increasing and evolving healthcare focus towards the prevention of illnesses, I believe a BSN will help me broaden my options for career choices in this expanding job market.

I applied to CSULB because I love their traditional on-campus education system; it allowed me to have more personable face-to-face interactions with the instructors and the development of an amazing support system with my fellow classmates. I also love how the curriculum is designed to prepare students for graduate school. The faculty here has made the transition for us as smooth as possible by offering information sessions year-round and a transition course preparing us for university-level research writing. They were also extremely helpful and understanding of my busy schedule and were very flexible with my course load.

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