CSU ADN to BSN Nursing Roadmaps
Tiffany Talerico

Tiffany Talerico

I enrolled in the RN-to-BSN program at San José State University, intending to be the best nurse that I could beónot only for myself, but for my patients as well. Thus far, the BSN program has taught me a side of nursing that surpasses the depth of my associateís degreeís core curriculum, and beyond the depth of what I believed being a nurse was. Iíve realized that nursing is more than the skill-set required for acute hospital care, and that patients are more than a physiological process requiring medications and IV insertion. A bachelorís degree offers a broad array of nursing opportunities, such as public and global health, and gives you the knowledge to participate in research: significant areas of nursing where nurses can really make differences in the lives of individuals and underserved communities. The professors in my very first semester impressed me with their support, professional achievements, and continual knowledge. Their aim was to foster the growth and development in every student by working as a team to mentor and ensure student success.

Evidence suggests that nurses who obtain advanced degrees are better equipped to care for their patients; furthermore, these nurses have fewer reported patient mortality rates. Only as nurses continue to advance their degrees to better themselves can they truly give the best care to their patients.

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