CSU ADN to BSN Nursing Roadmaps

Kristabelle Tamula

Just last fall, I attended Cerritos College’s Associate Degree in Nursing program. Due to financial difficulties, community college was my first choice because it was more affordable than a university; and since in both schools I could obtain the same registered nursing licensure preparation, I chose the less expensive route: starting at the community college. However, I still strived for a bachelor’s degree in nursing. I was blessed with scholarships after I transferred from Cerritos College into the prestigious CSU Long Beach Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. I’d highly recommend that students and current ADN nurses strive for the BSN beyond the associate degree—especially here at CSULB—because not only will you graduate as an RN with a higher degree, but the faculty are very student-centered and provide students with the most optimal learning experience, both inside the classroom and during clinical training.

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