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A Message from Alumni Council President Guy Heston

Alumni Council President Guy Heston

There are now more than 2.8 million graduates of the California State University.  That is an impressive enough statistic but when we dig a little deeper we can truly see how CSU alumni play a vital role in the economic well-being of our state.

Of all university degrees granted in California, the majority in business, agriculture, hospitality and tourism, civil engineering, nursing, journalism, digital communications, and dietetics and nutrition are earned at the 23 CSU campuses.  Those are just some of the examples of how our state’s economy depends on the CSU to provide the highly-skilled workforce necessary to attract and retain business, not to mention keeping our social and cultural institutions healthy.  For a summary of the economic impact of the CSU on California, click here.

As alumni of this great university, we can all speak to the value we have received, how our lives have been enriched by our degrees, and the wonderful, life-long memories of college life.  Our role at the CSU Alumni Council is to do whatever we can to ensure that future students receive the same kinds of outstanding educational opportunities that we received.

California faces many challenges, and state support of higher education has dropped significantly, which makes it more important than ever for alumni to get involved, stay involved, and support the continued development of the CSU.

There are many ways alumni can participate in the effort.  You can join your campus alumni association, attend alumni events or give your time and energy as a campus volunteer.  Click here to get more information about your campus.

Perhaps most important, alumni can speak out in our local communities about the value of California’s investment in higher education.  Tell your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers what your CSU degree has meant to you and what those 2.8 million CSU degrees mean for all Californians.

From whatever campus you graduated, be a proud CSU alumni.

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