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California State Law
  Donahoe Act (Master Plan in the California Education Code) (.pdf)
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  Higher Education Missions in Ed Code,
Sections 66010.1-66010.7
  Self-Supporting, State-Supporting, and Supplanting
Sections 89700-89710
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  AB 386: Concurrent Enrollment and Online Education
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  CA Master Plan for Higher Education (.pdf)
AA-2012-01 Blended Degree Programs (4+1) (.pdf)
AA-2012-04 CSU Dual Degrees Restriction (.pdf)
AA-2011-14 Definition of Credit Hour (.pdf)
AA-2004-04 “Forbidden Four” Non-Admission and Admission Restrictions(.pdf)
AAP-91-14 Discontinuing Degree Programs (.pdf)
AA-71-32 Program Review(.pdf)
AP-RP-73-37 Performance-Oriented Degree Programs in the Arts (.pdf)
Blue Book 1980 Appendix A: Procedures for Proposing New Programs (.pdf)
Blue Book 1980 Review of Existing Programs (.pdf)
BOT RFSA-71-11 Definition of Academic Freedom (.pdf)
CO Memo Minimum Diploma Format and Content (.pdf)
EO 365 Systemwide Credit by Evaluation (.pdf)
EO 565 Administration of Capacity Space (.pdf)
EO 806 Certificates and Certificate Programs (.pdf)
EO 971 Multiple Degrees at a Single Commencement
EO 1071 Delegation of Authority to Approve Options, Concentrations, Special Emphases and Minors
EO 1099 Extended Education: Self-Supporting Instructional Courses and Programs
EPR-85-20 Proposing New Degree Major Programs (.pdf)
Title 5 S. 40105 Appropriate Campus Authority (.pdf)
Title 5 S. 40601 Terms and Definitions (.pdf)
SUAM Sec VII 9100.1 SUAM Sec VII 9100.1 AMP (.pdf)
WASC Policy WASC Dual Degrees Policy (.pdf)
WASC Policy WASC WASC Joint Degree Policy (.pdf)
AA-2013-02 Title 5 Changes to Baccalaureate Degrees (.pdf)
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ASCSU May 1997 Baccalaureate-Level Courses (.pdf)
Blue Book 1980 Foundational Programs (.pdf)
Blue Book 1980 Basic (Core) Programs (.pdf)
Ed Code 66055.8 Nursing Degree Requirements for 2nd Baccalaureate (.doc)
Ed Code 66745-49 SB 1440 The STAR Act (.pdf)
EO 213 Academic Renewal (.pdf)
EO 167 Transfer of Credit (.pdf)
EO 563 Impacted Programs and Campuses (.pdf)
EO 1061 American Institutions Requirement
EO 1100 GE Breadth Requirements
campus Feedback Summary (.pdf)
FAQ (.pdf)
Request for Feedback (.pdf)
Extension of Consultation Timeline (.pdf)
Feedback Summary (.pdf)
Consultation Timeline (.pdf)
ASCSU Chair’s Report March 2017 (.pdf)
ASCSU Chair’s Report Summer 2017

EPR 1980 Attachment C BA and BS in a Single Discipline (.pdf)
EPR-85-13 Bachelor's Degrees: Breadth (.pdf)
Title 5 S. 40405.1 California State University General Education - Breadth Requirements (.pdf)
Title 5 S. 40405.4 Procedures for Implementing Programs to Meet General Education Requirements (.pdf)
Title 5 S. 40411 Conferral of Degree at Completion "Administrative Graduation" (.pdf)
Title 5 S. 40500 Bachelor of Arts Degree: Required Curriculum (.pdf)
Title 5 S. 40501 Bachelor of Science Degree: Required Curriculum (.pdf)
Title 5 S. 40505 Bachelor of Architecture Degree: Required Curriculum (.doc)
Title 5 S. 40506 Bachelor of Music Degree and Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree: Required Curriculum (.pdf)
Title 5 S. 40507 Bachelor of Landscape Architecture: Required Curriculum (.pdf)
Title 5 S. 40508 Bachelor's Degree: Total Units (.pdf)
Title 5 S.
Integrated Teacher Preparation Programs (.pdf)
AAP-91-04 Graduate Study: Recommendations (.pdf)
EPR-82-39 Graduate-Level Instruction: Definitions (.pdf)
Title 5 S. 40510 Master's Degree Requirements (.pdf)
Title 5 S. 41000 Postbac and Graduate Admission (.doc)
Title 5 S. 41001 Admission by Special Action (.doc)
Title 5 S. 41002 Admission to Postbaccalaureate: Classified (.doc)
Title 5 S. 41010 Admission to Graduate Standing: Conditionally Classified (.doc)
Title 5 S. 41011 Admission to Graduate Standing: Classified (.doc)
International Activities and Degree Programs Abroad
Various Degree Programs Abroad (.pdf)
  International Program Operations
Self -Support and Extended Education
EO 1099 Extended Education: Self-Supporting Instructional Courses and Programs
Various More Self-Support and Extended Education Laws, Policies and Guidance
Trustees and Senate
  Board of Trustees Resolutions
  Honorary Degree Policy
  ASCSU Principles and Policies (.pdf)
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  WASC Substantive Change Manual (.pdf)
  Update on Substantive Change (.pdf)
  Substantive Change Program Screening Form (.pdf)
WASC Policy Dual Degrees Policy (.pdf)

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