Table 29 - Residents Only
Comparison of Fall Headcount Enrollment,
College Year Annual Full-Time Equivalent Students (FTES),
and College Year Unduplicated Headcount Enrollment, from 2006-07
Ratio of 
Ratio of  Ratio of  Unduplicated
Campus Campus Campus CY FTES Campus Campus CY FTES Headcount
College Fall (1) College Year to Fall Campus Unduplicated to Unduplicated to Campus Fall 
Year Enrollment FTES Enrollment  Headcount Headcount Enrollment
2006-07 (2) 400,840 339,048.9 0.84585 462,130 0.73367 1.15290
2007-08 414,863 352,509.2 0.84970 477,879 0.73765 1.15190
2008-09 417,898 355,850.5 0.85153 476,367 0.74701 1.13991
Note: Table does not include Summer Arts, International Programs or CalStateTEACH.  As of 2006-2007, graduate FTES are computed differently
than undergraduate and postbaccalaureate FTES.  Please see the explanations page for details.
(1)  Fall data have been updated to reflect current information as of the end of the college year.  Fall data in this
report may differ from previous reports.
(2)  Prior to 2006-2007, residence status did not reflect fee exemption.


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